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The Queen’s Gambit
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Hello! I am Dawn, a creative living in sunny Los Angeles.  Currently collaborating on the Creative Labs team at Netflix as a Global Motion Design Lead
Lover of sparkles & strawberry ice cream with sprinkles.

The best way to illustrate who I am, is through 3 generations of photographs.
From left to right,
Portrait of my Grandmother on 120mm film, Taken with a Yashica-D

Self Portrait of my mother & me on 35 mm film.
Taken with a Minolta X-700

Self portrait of myself & my son.
Taken with an iPhone.

Awards ~

Golden Trailer Award 2023:
1899 - Triangles Teaser - Art Director

Golden Trailer Award 2021:
The Queen’s Gambi - Art Director

Clio Award 2019: Television/Streaming: Video Promo Technique (Silver)
‘The Anti-Trailer’ Love Death + Robots - Art Director

Clio Award 2018: Television/Streaming: Video Promo Technique (Bronze)
‘Throat’ Hereditary

Golden Trailer nomination 2018: Best Graphics in a TV Spot (for a Feature Film)  
& Clio Award nomination for Television/Streaming: Teaser, Drama
Notes From The Field, “Graphic Tease,” HBO, Buddha Jones - Art Director/ Designer

Golden Trailer Award 2017: Best Comedy Spot for a Series
‘Become’ Glow Season 1  - Art Director

Golden Trailer Award 2017: Best Drama Trailer
‘Home’ - Dunkirk  - Art director/Designer

Clio Award 2016: Suicide Squad campaign ‘Rhapsody’ Trailer
Graphic Designer / Animator

2016 Namour Feature film streaming on Netflix:
Distribution by Array Now - Cinematographer / Designer

March 2013: Issue 211 of Computer Arts magazine

Reel feature